I'm not in a position to tell you which of the Alephs sound better; no Pass dealers within reasonable distance, and having only built the 2 (although I've got a 30 watter on my schedule for a self-amped speaker project later), but I can say that the 2 is nipping at the heels of my Katie-bar-the-door tube amp in all areas. The tube amp wins by a nose on detail retrieval and soundstage, but the 2 cost about a quarter of what it cost to build my tube amps. (I cheated on heatsinks, but that's another story.)

A few more questions regarding Aleph60:

1. What are the values for R19 & R21?
2. Aleph 60 Service Manual stated "R21 and C10 adjust the current against output current as sensed by the voltage across R40." Should it be C19?
3. What are the benefits for R1 and R8 as they don't appear in the original Aleph layout?

Thanks for all of your help.