Aleph-X powersupply

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Hello everybody,

I'm in the process of building me an class A Aleph-X amplifier and I am curious, does this design have any major flaws or weaknesses? I am not an expert at electronics (my father is more the electronics expert but has no experience with designing for audio purposes). However, after simulating some straightforward C and CLC approaches, we came up with this design which supposedly gives a lower ripple voltage than most other simulated designs while being cheaper (using less capacitors and no choke)

Some specifications:

  • The powersupply will power one channel
  • Running 20.9Volts at 6A with a 7 mV ripple
  • For the bridge a B700C35A (pdf) will be used not the 3N248 (used for simulation purposes only).
  • I want to use two 500VA torroids with 2x12Volt secondaries (each supplying 24Volts)

A few final notes:
In the simulation the bridge must supply more than the rated 35A a few times during startup, will this cause any major problems?
Oh and btw. attached to this message is the + side of the powersupply.
this attachment...


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Capacitance multiplier versus CLC

Is a capacitance multiplier power supply as good as a CLC design. I am building an Aleph-X using dual +/- 15V CLC power supplies. The transformers are 300VA torroids with 12 volt secondaries. Each power suppliy rail has 27,000uf/ 1.5mH inductor/ 81,000uf. A local electronics designer told me it is a waste of money and that a capacitance multiplier is the way to go. Any comments?
Caps in Zoetermeer at audio dimension (post order) they're BG's, resistors at partsconnexion, Dale RN-60 (got 10-20 of each value, plaaning to match them) IRF044, got about 52 of them also planning to match, got them with a GP. Small stuff I buy at conrad or digikey.

You know it's hard even to find the right fuse in gouda even shack doesn't sell them anymore :xeye:


ps what heatsinks have you ordered and where?
I've just ordered my heatsinks at Conradheatsinks, I hope they arrive this week. The prices at conrad were much more reasonable, than the Seifer heatsinks at Clofis (, but it was around 2.5x the price I needed to pay at conrad, and I still had to pick them up myself.

Nice list of components btw.
Personally I was not planning on using typical audio brand equipment accept mabye for the 220 uF capacitors, it would be interesting to hear the differences.
I build my Aleph5 with regular components and never doubted one minute but the aleph-x is a long term project so I've got all the time in the world to collect nice components. What I'm lacking is trannies and heatsinks and some serious amount of time...

Already know which trannies you gonna order?


ps you made a good choice with the heatsink, I got mine from clofis and they were expensive and bend !
I will order my transformers at Reichelt (39 euro for 500VA is not a lot). Amplimo is just a lot more expensive (130 euro excl. VAT for 1000VA).
Plus two 500VA transformers weigh more in total, and are therefore less prone to humming...

Another thing about the transformers: I've reread my original post and I think the post was not very clear on how many transformers I will use. I was planning on using two 500VA transformers for each channel. Why? Reichelt's 800 torroids supply either too high a voltage (30 Volt) or too low (15 Volt).
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