aleph power supply wiring

Hi everyone,
Here's one for you all.................

Two PCB's, one for first stage and another for the output devices. What do you think?? Run separate wires from the storage caps to each board? Heavy guage to the outputs and not so heavy to the input stage.

Or run one heavy guage to the main board and jumper from that board to the output stage.

I prefer separate runs for each board to isolate the input stage from the output, but was wondering if anyone has another opinion. (With a good reason of course)


Been there...done that...see the Aleph 2 (& others) as a project thread. Separate front end and output boards. For that matter, I think Mark Finnis's layout used separate front end and output boards, too.
You could argue that I should have done the layout with the output resistor array on the output board, but the way I did it works just peachy. I was 50/50 on whether to do it one way or the other. I can't remember offhand where Mark put his output resistor array, but his project used to be at the passlabs site. I assume that it's now at passdiy in the gallery section. I believe he had artwork for his boards in there somewhere.

Thanks guys, but I think you misunderstood my question. (cp642 I think you answered)

I do have separate boards (actually using a modified Mark Finnis board).

The question is...........

1) Run heavy guage wiring to the output board and light gauge to the main (separate runs directly off the storage caps to each board). Thus separating the main board from the high currents present in the output stage.


2) Run heavy to the main board and jumper from the main board to the output stage board with more heavy gauge wire. (this is what Mark Finnis did)

I believe option 1 is the the best, but was wondering if I've overlooked something that may be wrong with it. Or if anyone of you had any experience with it's sonic impacts (real or not).

Perhaps "The one and only" has an opinion on this one.

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