aleph P1.7 layout share

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hello everyone,
here is my P1.7 layout,the project is still in progress.
the attached file is the main board.I am going to make a sub board for those big caps(option).

the main board has room for blackgate BP caps.
thanks Igor for his great help.


EDIT:file update.


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Hi, me Chinese too !

Your PCB looks very condense and very nice ! currently I also plan to make Aleph P1.7 too! I placed an order from DIYZONE for the chasis, regarding the PCB, i will use multi-purpose PCB and try to condense it into a very little piece of two channels ! i.e. point to point wiring. Your PCB work seems fit to me !!!

what is your vol. control? is it make of relays or what?

thanks for your sharing.

thank you tim845.
I am doing some modification now:
#increase the lead spacing for all resistors to be able to use Dale RN60 or Holco resistors
#Increase the lead spacing for C21 and C23
#baybass C25 and C26 with small value capacitors
#increase the lead spacing or add a second hole for bybass capacitors to be able to use 5 mm or 7.5 mm PCM capacitors
#more space between bybass capacitors and C9-C16
#use terminal block for all inputs and outputs and also add some holes if we want to use both
#wider traces
#round all squere traces
#name for C23 is missing
#add a sentence: PASSLABS not for comercial use

can we separate inputs and outputs?

thanks pass and everyone:)
Hi, digi01

I won't seperate the inputs/outputs and I will make it as short as possible. Electrolite cap will be used for the outputs which will save more space than film or plastic cap.

currently, except the power cap, all the rests have been bought, the outputs is using black gate, but only 50V rating and I think it doesn't matter.

once get the power cap, the work will be started.

btw, what kind of volumn you will use? using relays or what ? I will use step volumn.

look forward your master piece !!
whos that in the mirror


Nice layout. I'm impressed it can be done in single layer.

I have one small suggestion while you're doing mods...

The inputs and outputs are at the extreme opposite sides of
the board. The signals are "differential" and they are supposed
to be routed together - that way the noise cancels. I don't
know if it's important inside a metal chassis - but as a "fix"
you could take advantage of the symmetry you already have
in the layout....

If you divide the layout down the middle where there's nothing,
and then move the left side to the right and the right side
the the left, you'll have the same layout except the signals
will be together in the middle of the board.

Don't know if its at all important.... just an idea.

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Re: PCM to S/PDIF and back

Oke the problem is as follows:

I have an audio device and it has an PCM input output buffer.
I'd like to transfer the PCM buffer directly into the computer using S/PDIF. So I have no loss of signal. So it stays digital.

The PCM device has 4 wire:
1 - A Clock
2 - A Frame Sync
3 - Data in
4 - Data out

I think I'm looking the wrong way, maybe it's easier than it looks like.
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