Aleph P preamp


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2004-05-23 10:59 pm
Wynnewood, PA, USA

Dantimax ( offers remote control kits that can be used with the Aleph P. In fact, I'm building one right now using the following from Dantimax: Control2, C2Panel1-2, RelVol3 (with 1K resistor sets), Input2 and the SRU1010 handset. I purchased the transformer and display elsewhere, but Mikkel can usually supply them as well.

This is the second time I've installed a Dantimax remote control system in a preamp. Mikkel provides great products and support. Highly recommended.

felix the cat said:
Also recomend kits from Dantimax, beutifull and simple designes. I bought VolControl2, RelVol3 and RC5TX1 boards.
I have one offtopic question...what is the best value for Aleph P1.7 attenuator? Is it OK 2kohms or is it better lower value?


2kohm is just fine....but....the lower the better for the noise figure.
Be carefull that you want to reach out at least a gain of +3-3.5dB to be able to manage very low recorded discs/low input sensitivity power amp and have a little extra swing for particular cases(about 1.5 in linear).