Aleph P Capacitors


2002-01-23 6:54 pm
Hello together

I am also new in this forum and I have some questions about the circuit schematic diagram of the Aleph P rev. 1,0. At first I have to say sorry for my English, because I have learned it many years ago……… I can’t identify the Capacitor Types. In the power supply schematic there are the capacitors C1/ C2 witch have 1000 uF , but witch voltage. Is 63 Volt right?. C3 and C4 have 25 and 100 Volt and witch capacivity?.
In the gain stage there are C101 up to C106. Have they all 63 Volt? And at last the volume control. I need the voltage from all capacitors and can absolutely not identify C10 and C11.
So I´m undecided witch amplifier and preamp is the right choice for me. I am thinking about the Aleph 4 and the A75 and the Aleph P and the Balanced Zen Line Stage. Can anyone describe me the difference of them in sound. I like a smooth sound like tube amps but also the dynamic of a transistor.

Thank you