Aleph-p 1.7 VS Pass X2

peter7 said:
Aleph-p 1.7 and Pass X2. which one sound better? is Aleph-p 1.7 already an X - amp ? How about the Bosoz ?

Hello Peter,
I never had a chance to compare the originals, but I have an AP1.7 clone, and a circuit which should be close to x2. see here:

The jfet stage sounds a bit more dynamicful, the AP1.7 more refined. It´s a question what you like? For rock I would prefer my jfet stage, for long jazz or classic listening an AP...

Best Regards
Re: Re: Re: Aleph-p 1.7 VS Pass X2

jh6you said:

It is interesting info.
By the way, the rock music is always loud. And, what kind of classic music? E.g. quartett...?


I prefer always clear structures, independently which kind of the music.

zygibajt said:
I think Peter is refering to the first version of X2, not to the second one that we actually don't know the schematics.

I would be interested in Mr. Pass opinion what were the sonic diffrances between P 1.7 and X2 (first version). Unbalanced and balanced.


I´m curious too for comparison with both versions of X2.