Aleph L

I just finished building an Aleph L and I'm really impressed with it. Its very simple to build and could easily be breadboarded. I did PCB's, but it is all seperate PCB's. One for each channel and another for power supply. I built the ver 2 of this preamp, not the first version. Sound is very smooth but highly detailed. No matching of MOSFETS is needed in this preamp either since it is single ended and not balanced. I did buy the original Avel D4007 power xformer and also added in the dip switch attenuator on the input from the version 1 Aleph L. On the output I have two 5K precision wirewound Bourns 10 turn pots with rotation counters that are calibrated. I plan on adding a DACT attenuator on the input as soon as funds permit.
Mark Gulbrandsen
Salt Lake City.UT
My Aleph L clone

I just finished building an Aleph L
Sound is very smooth but highly
und much better than my Naim's nac 72
Many thanks to Nelson Pass


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Aleph L construction

I am in the middle of the Alpeh L construction.

The version built: ALpeh L 1.2, with Aleph P 1.0 volume control in single ended mode.
My actual version is a bit modified, because the 10uF Multicap capacitors simply too big.
Here you can find the version designed for Audyn, Panasonic, Wima, Mcap andAxon capacitors.
This was my first plan, but I get those Multicaps...
I have the gerber files also.


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Nelson Pass

The one and only
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2001-03-29 12:38 am
Either P or Bosoz, no question. If BOSOZ, then both input
and output pots. If you want the lowest distortion figure,
higher swing and better CMRR, then Aleph P.

So Nick, two days huh? I usually have to hack mine out
10 minutes before production.