Aleph L volume control

I was going to build an Aleph L, but couldn't afford the circuit with the volume control in the schematic for at least another 6 months. With the Alps pots being sold now at a couple of surplus places I was wondering if for the mean time I could substitue one of these instead. What value should the pot have? Could anyone recomend a value if I put the pot in a passive pre-amp and used it with the Aleph 3? Thanks for your help.

If you were thinking of building the first version of the Aleph L (v1.0). You can use a 5k pot instead. The actual value of the stepped attenuator in the Aleph L is 4k, if I remember correctly. But I don't think it's easy to find a 4k pot, but a 5k pot should be allright.

Why not consider bulding the Aleph 30 instead of Aleph 3? Cause the Aleph 30 has got higher input impedance, and if you use a 25k pot or less infront of it you don't need a preamp.(Mr. Pass himself told me that I could use a 25k pot or less).

I will use a 10k stepped attenuator ifront of my Aleph 30, when my Aleph 30 is finished.

Thanks so much for the Info. I'd rather stick with the Aleph 3 as I'm really new at this and the Aleph 3 looks easier to build to me than the 30. Especially with R8. Also I've never talked to anyone who has heard either of the Volksamps in person. I'm sure they sound good, but how do they compare the the Aleph 3 or Aleph 5 I wonder?

Thanks again