Aleph 60 capacitors


2000-11-24 12:02 am
Yes, you can use the mallory's to start testing. Specified voltage on a cap is the max rating. So as long as you do not exceed the 75V Dc in your case (which you won't, building the ALEPH60 which uses 35V on each rail) all will be fine. Simply use one for the postive rail and one for the negative. Observe correct polarity please.

Dear Ioanni,

Its safe to use your 37000ìf caps for testing but for permanent use i would suggest using 10-12 caps rated at 10000 at 50v or 63v which will give u a good safety margin as well as longer life expextancy and lower ps supply internal resistance. I am using 10 caps of 10000ìf at 50v made by nippon chemi-con with good results. In another aleph project I built which is on I used 2 caps surplus,rated at 100000ìf / 30v with rail supply +/- 26 with no problem at all.

Happy Christmas