Aleph 5


2001-06-30 8:30 am
Hi All,

I am planning to build the Aleph 5, and of course, have some questions.
In the Aleph 5 and 4, there is a slight difference on the original Component Layouts from one channel to other, i.e. R1, Z9(Aleph 4) and R13, Z5(Aleph 5) in the left side channels are unpaired. Simply no exist. Why?
Are the resistor R21(Aleph 5), have different value on right channel, like R29(619 ohm and 523 ohm) in the Aleph4.
If does, which value?
After all, i'm interested in Aleph 5 Left and Right(if exist) Channel schematic without various ambiguities.
Can anyone send me a copy?

Many thanks in advance,



2001-04-04 10:31 am
I've finished my Aleph5 clone beta version (only 1 ch).
and using R21(Aleph 5) 453 ,it works fine .
so I will using the same value in my final version.
<img src="">

<img src="">

<img src="">


2001-03-06 3:07 pm
nice....i see u have used mark finnis layout as starting point. i did the same only i made mine more compact using doubled sided boars. have you done any meassurments to your amp?

by the way try the higher value of 690? i think nelson once mesioned that he prefered that..