Aleph 5 help

I plugged in my 1st half of my first Aleph 5 and the led went on. No music, but no smoke either. I think the input is working ok. I have no voltage drop across R14. The voltage on my output mosfets is drain +33, Gate -34, source -34. I took out Q 4 and checked it with a meter. It looked ok. Any idea of what i could have blown up? At least the power supply is working.
Harvardian Boards

Has anyone finished with Harvardians boards? I have ordered more IRF610's and still can't get them to work. Any help would be welcome. In the mean time I built a Zen 4 and it is working fine. I will give it one more try. If I can't get this Aleph 5 working by the end of the week is anyone interested in the boards?:confused:
Hi Mike,

Don't give-up too soon. I appreciate it can be near soul-destroying when these things don't work but it will be worth the effort.

Pedro's comment about R17 is valid ..... I actually did this myself also .... doh! This produced exactly what you are describing for both Pedro and myself.

Failing this, what is Vgs across (1) the current source, (2) the output stage, (3) Q3.

Can you get a friend to look over your circuit. Trying to debug your own creations is often clouded and a fresh pair of eyes will find something you have overlooked.

Best of luck.

Here is the 2nd half. I wanted it to look different but match. I know it doesn't make sense.


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