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Aleph 5 for sale

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Hi fcel.

1. Unreal .... because it's too cheap or too expensive?

Unreal because I think it is cheap comparing to other amps in the same range of the price.

2. Also, are you saying one should just buy it at that price ... because to build one (as good looking) would cost just as much?

No. I am saying that this is the DIY club and having principal of the engine and kindles of the Mr.Pass I have allways preffered to build stuff by my hands. :eek:

But for someone who is a litle lasy it is a good opportunity to own a king of the class A .

I think I should let you guys know that it isn't that difficult to find X-150's for less than $2000 and Aleph monoblocks of all sizes for less $2500. Both of these represent a much better value than these 5's IMHO. The stock market weaknesses are bringing alot of toys onto the market cheap. It's definitely a buyers market nowadays.
Not open for further replies.