Aleph 4 PCB's

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So I'm laying out some Aleph 4 PCB's which I'm most likely going to get fabricated....Is anyone else interested in sharing an order with me? The more sets of these I get produced the lower the cost as there is just an additional $50 setup charge per design which obviously doesnt apply to each copy....

So basically please let me know ASAP if you'd be interested in Aleph 4 PCBs.

Took a quick look at the schematics for it and the Aleph 3, which is what I would probably build. They seem close enough I could use the "4" boards to build a "3". Anyone out there care to comment on this?
jduncan, any idea what the cost would be? And what country are you in?
I'm in the US.

It's costing me $50 setup fee + about $50 for each set....

So depending on number of people I'd of course love to share that setup cost but if we get a few, I'd say $60 total?

And there are very few differences which at a quick glance shouldn't be a'll get a bit of extra real estate on the output and current source pcb's but that's not really a problem....

I'm not using a PCB for the power supply this is for everything but power supply section
Yes, but who knows how long it will take to get passdiy running and selling boards. Nelson, are you out there, any comment?
$60 US is about $95 CDN these days, so it's a little pricey. I may start a thread asking about Canadian PCB fabricators, many things are cheaper here because of the exchange.
But keep me posted, send an email when you're getting ready to start.

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with 2 articles for a start and an aggressive
publishing schedule.

The boards for one of them will be available just
about immediately, and the other will not require
a board.

There will be a formal announcement next week, but
I have a long weekend ahead of me....

Boards for the Alephs would be easy enough, so I'll
see about getting some done up soon. Of course soon
means 60 days or so.
OK, given Nelson's new announcement, I'm quite happy to hold on getting my own PCB's made (assuming of course that Nelson isn't charging $100 for PCB's for an Aleph).


So I guess we can just wait and see for now and I can forget about the finishing touches on the PCB layout.

Thanks again Mr. Pass!
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.