Aleph 30


2002-10-19 7:51 pm
This forum is the best !!!!
I am so astonished by all the good people out there and all the amazing information that is shared here, unbelievable.
After reading and researching just about everything I could find on MOSFET amps, I decided to build the Aleph 30. Thanx for all the info that are already available ie: circuits, pcb's, advice...
It make it for a newbie like myself so easy and "unfreigtening" to start building a project.
What I actually want to know is how can I build this amp with a 300VA , 35-0-35 volt toroidal. This is just about twice the size required, but all I can get.
2nd question is: Are the NTE replacement for IRFP244 , NTE2921, just as good or what else can I use in place of IRFP244.
Thanx again to all for all.


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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
near Atlanta, GA
As far as 35-0-35 goes, this would be too much power for the Aleph 30, and the voltage is more suited for an Aleph 2, but 300VA really isn't enough for an Aleph 2.

You could try making a regulated power supply to bring the voltage down to build an Aleph 30.

Look over the Active Supply regulation ZenV3 article on