Aleph 30 building problems..


2001-11-12 8:49 pm
I'm currently building an Aleph30 amp. I have problems reading the schematic: Is R21 and C10 supposed to be connected to the emitter of Q5 or not (in aleph4 the corresponding components are not connected)? R20 and R15 is only connected to Q6 and Q9, right?
Thanks in advance,
R21 & C10 are in series between the base of Q5 and the feedback return. There is no connection between the emitter of Q5 and those two components.
R20 & R15 only connect to the first MOSFETs/sense resistors in the lineup (Q6 & Q9). Since the MOSFET banks are matched, those two transistors serve as good proxies for the behavior of the other transistors in their respective banks.