Aleph 3

Aleph 3
I have built a number of Aleph 3 channels and use them in a Bi amped in the Zen amps, I have been using air core 2mh inductors in the power supplies. I measure very low ripple on the Aleph rails, (20 mv), I wonder what other benefits there are to having these inductors in the Aleph power supplies. The inductors certainly reduced the hum in the Zens to almost nothing.
To my ears, the Aleph's are sweet and warm sounding.
Inductors in a power supply are a nifty thing. They smooth out the DC without much in the way of resistive losses. How much benefit they give you will be a more complex question, depending on how much capacitance you have on either side of the inductors, how much high frequency hash comes in via your AC line, etc.

I have built a number of Aleph 3 monoblocks, In each power supply I am using one inductor on each rail. These I rolled my own out of number 14 enamaled magnet wire. 150 feet wound around a 1" by 1" core gets you around 2mh. The inductors measure about 1/2 ohm of resistance. The inductors are in between two banks of capacitors, each bank being 20,000uf.

The inductors do a great job of smoothing out the rectified dc, but I wonder... since the AC ripple cancels out in the aleph, do I really need the inductors?
From my research on inductors I have found one detail that I believe has not been touched upon. I got this info from Allen Wright's Pre Amp Cook book from And I quote him "The choke is in itself an engergy storage device, and gives the feeling of a great big effortless flywheel, that would never let the +rail run out of steam!" This indicates to me that inductors add more energy storage to your power supply. The larger the better. And is another factor that improves the power supply besides the filtering inductors provide.
The proper size inductor and capacitors in a PI filter will reduce ripple. Even if it is just the +rail of a single ended design. In a balanced design you would use an inductor(s) on each + and - rail. But I do not know if because it is balanced in the power supply that this will reduce ripple more than what the inductors can inherently do on there own.