Aleph 3 - strange soundstage

I have just finished the Aleph 30.Unfortunatelly I am a little disappointed with the sound. The soundstage seems to be very flat, with almost no stereo effect. I use separate supply for each channel, earth to one point and the channels except the toroid have nothing in common. Is this sound typical for Aleph or is there any mistake on my side?
The Aleph 2s I built image almost as well as my tube amps, which is to say very well indeed. The only anomaly is that the soundstage is a little forward of the tube amps. Such is life. Since image is such a difficult thing to pin down as far as parts quality, layout, etc. I don't know what to suggest.
No, I didn't use any funky parts, just Dale & Panasonic resistors, Panasonic electrolytic caps in the signal path, and IRF & Motorola semiconductors. Mallory electrolytics in the main power supply. The layout was my own.



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2000-10-10 7:27 pm
If nothing else electrically or mechanically seems wrong, maybe it needs some break-in time.

Also, could it be possible you reversed an internal input connection. Out of phase sound sounds "like" stereo, but confined and muddy. Just a thought.

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