Aleph 3 R114 connection

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
When I draw a schematic, I follow the standard where
two lines crossing are not connected unless there is
a big dot on them, and I don't even use dots. Connected
lines form a "T".

Thus R114 does not attach to the emitter of Q105.

There is some confusion on this as the Aleph 4 schematic
had an error in it at the junction of C9, R26, R28 and
the base of Q3. These are all connected at this point,
and corrected schematics shows a big dot there.

The same error made it onto the Aleph 5 schematic, where
the base of Q5, R19, C10, and R20 should be connected
with a dot. This was the result of "cut-and-paste".

The Aleph 1.2, Aleph 2, and Aleph 3 schematics are
correct in this regard.

Thank for the answer. It¡¦s helping a lot.

I have another question related after these few days. The sequence of R114 & C103 makes difference.
I found in Aleph Design have two setup. Resistor come first from Output, some time is Capacitor. And sounding little difference by listen some music. I like Resistor first from output. Just like Aleph 4 & 5. It seems to be more Clearly & Purity.
Why there is two kind of setup is my question?