Aleph 3 Heat sink capability

Nelson Pass

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2001-03-29 12:38 am
The Aleph 3 chassis is approximately .125 deg C.
per watt. Aleph 3's run about 200 watts, and have
about a 25 deg C temperature above ambient.

Better ventilation will improve this is bit, and you can easily
consider at 35 deg or so rise, so let's just say about 300
Thanks Nelson!!
I picked up a bunch of aleph 3 heatsinks from a surplus shop. I was thinking of maybe increasing the footprint of the amp all around by 4"(cutting corner heatsinks).

These heatsinks seem perfect for designing into a small speaker cabinet...Im thinking of using the Aleph 3's as monoblock amps for surround sound channels. PGE will love me

I'd love to see the inside of the amp, its such a tight fit, How were the T03 mosfets mounted on the Aleph 3? Ive got the support bars that hold 2 mosfets...I imagine they were mounted on opposite sides. I dont see how the power supply fit in there. Is there a chance you could email a pic to [email protected]

Thanks for all that you do!!!!!!!

I can finally get rid of my Soundcraftsman pcr800's!!!!!!!!!!!
I'd love to see the inside of the amp, its such a tight fit

It is faily tight.


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