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Aleph 2 Transformers for Sale/Trade

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I have two transformers from Victoria Magnetics for sale/trade.


Primary: 120VAC
Secondary: 2X35VAC, 1KVA

Electrostatic shield between primary/secondary
12" leads, 12ga stranded wires
Magnetic shielding
Washers - rubber/steel

Paid $112 ea plus shipping

Will sell for $100 plus actual shipping or
trade for ???

Looking for 4ea 2-4mH 20A chokes/inductors (Hammond 195)
Any heat sinks/chassis for eventual Aleph L/P

Dale Herman
[email protected]
I have tested Bride of Zen board. Can supply transformer and pot. Any trades?


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2002-01-21 2:42 pm
near Atlanta, GA
I would like to note that I bought the same transformers and have used the Victoria Magnetics transformers and have used their transformers on other projects and they are great. I get no distortion from the transformers and they are shielded quite nicely.

If only I could afford to build two pairs of aleph 2 amplifiers...

[email protected]
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