aleph 2 question

Just a quick question on Aleph 2. I am really interested in building it but maybe with lower rail voltage ? What modifications are needed to lower the output to maybe 50-75 wrms ? I understand that doing is probably considered to be a NO-NO, just try to understand me also in terms of finding the right heatsinks and all.

I would build something else, but a 50 watt version would be perfect :)
Right Heatsink for Aleph 2


Are you concern with the look, availability or cost of the heatsinks?

You could get heatsinks (Extrusion Part Number MM11645 & anodized) from M & M Metals to built a pair of Aleph 2 for less than $130 & delivered to your door in less than 2 weeks. Check out Wayne's write up in and M & M Metal link here. profiles/extrusion tables/Flatback 4 & up.htm