Aleph 2 Heat Sink (chassis)

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Hi all,
I am planning to build one of Mr. Pass design which is Aleph 2. The main problem that I have is obtaining heatsink for the amp. I am having a very hard time to obtain the heat sink locally (Jakarta, Indonesia), of course, I can always order it from abroad, but it would be very expensive. Luckily, after searching extensively, I found heatsinks that I think will fit for the aleph 2. The size of each heatsink is 200mm Length, 84mm Width and 81.5mm tall. I am planning to put about 6 of it vertically and joint the by L shape alumunium bar for each side of the chassis. THe cover will be brush and anodized aluminum sheet. Will the heatsink be adequate for this amp?


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Heat Sink Source

I bought it locally in Jakarta, Indonesia. It cost $9.50 for each block. Yes, I am planning to use 5 or 6 block for ach side of the chassis for a total of 10 or 12 block for each mono block. I am planning to buy some more after I got some comment from the elder in this forum. :D . BTW, how many uF is needed for the PS of EACH monoblock? I just purchased ELNA Audio grade 10000uf 56VDC and wandering if I can use it. Thank you for all the help and comment.


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If it's $9.50 per piece in Indonesian money .... that's may be US$1.00 per piece (I don't really know the conversion rate)? Please check it out for us ... quantity in stock, pricing in US$ & if they can do international shipping. I will definitely buy a batch of them ... even if I don't need it.

The price quoted is actually in US$. I know that if I buy a huge quantity (a minimum of 20 pcs), the price will come down to $8 a piece. Although, I am not sure if it is economical to get those heatsinks to be shipped abroad such as US, those things are HEAVY. I will weigh it though, and get some quote for the shipping cost. Also, a quick question about transformer, can I get away with 500VA Toroid for each monoblock of the Aleph 2? I know it is very small, can I compensate the with large cap value? ie. 500k uF? Thanks.
Sizing transformer

I remember somebody on this forum said that the rule of thumb for sizing transformer for Class A amp is as follows:

(Output power per channel) X 7.5 = size of transformer

which for Aleph 2 came up to be 750VA.

Now of course I can't find (search) who said that. So, please don't quote me!
Hello Tjong,
Sorry this is off the topic, but I too live in Jakarta. Btw, where did you get the IRF mosfet for this monster?

For everybody,
I've seen lots of those heat sink in Indonesia. Btw, how much this kind of heat sink (the one Tjong showed us) in US?

Heatsink Availability

Sianturi, I would be very happy man indeed if you can show me where to get other heatsink for aleph 2 amp. I, too, have seen so many kind of heatsink, albeit, all of them are very small and so "regular." The problem that I got so far it is almost impossible to find a nice BIG heatsink for the amp. When I saw this heat sink, I thought I will joint 6 of them standing vertically to make up for one side of the chassis for a total of 12 for each monoblock. In regard to the mosfet, I got a friend of mine who went to Singapore, and get it from there. If you want to get it, I still have 50 of it left unmatched (IRFP240).
For those who are interested in the heatsink, please look at my previous post regarding the price.

Fcel, I have to go the the store to reconfirm about the availability and, hopefully, lower price for them.

Hello Tjong,
You're right.... I've just checked my heat sink, it looks VERY similar to the one you show, only, It got the "T" part for attaching TO3 case, and in smaller size.
It looks like this:


While yours is like this:


Btw, I've once checked some local shipping company rates. For Indonesia to US, 4 kg = US$194

up to 45 kg = US$18/kg.

Hope this helps,
Heatsink Availability

I haven't weigh it yet. Just a quick suggestion, you could probably obtain some heatsink from AAVID, they have a rep based in Singapore. You could probably contact them to ask wether they have a distributor there for thei product. In regard to my heat sink, I will inform you later.
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