Aleph 2 components..

I have some questions about Aleph 2 which is my current project, Im sorry if those questions were answered before..

What power resistors does 1ohm and 0.47ohm ones have to be and which type?

The normal resistors are 0.25W metalfilm types?

Does the quality of electrolytics matters much in Aleph 2?

What types does the 10pf and 1n caps have to be?

Does the led diode have to be used?

I know some of the answers to these questions but its better to ask then to have problems later..

Thank you,

Try 3 watt for these (ie the Panasonic metal oxide) or 5 watt wire wound ceramic, all other resistors at 0.25 - 0.5 watt. The electrolytics should be as good quality as you can obtain, I used Silmics, other have used Black Gates, the 10p maybe difficukt to obtain in polystyrene, I used a good quality silver micr, the 1n can be polystyrene.