Albarry m408 upgrade questions...


2010-09-08 5:53 pm
Hi, guys,

Three years ago I was offered a mint pair of Albarry m408 MkII´s, and I almost rejected it, (unknown to me), despice a feeling that this was good.
Well, it is more than good, it´s stunning in a quiet way, that has made me hear more music, and focus less on amps, ever since. Maybe other owners understands what I mean.
Anyway, they are not yongsters, and I would like to ask for advice about two issues;

-Some has experienced, sudden breakdowns/fry..., what can I do to provent this?
Could it be what this Italian found in his m1008´s, and fixed by adding a small 22pF cap in the servo?
(see 2/3 down at the page, about a current peak at 1Mhz)

-I would like to optimize/mod the amps in a SAFE way.
Input cap upgrade, remove protection circut and good power cord, has been mentioned around. Agree? Other gently mods?

Please explain how to remove the speaker protection circut, if possible.
I want to keep the same sound, just even more clean, transparent and "dynamic". But not more than possible...!
If you have solid knowlidge/experience, I would be very glad for some tips...

I will ask a skilled guy to do whatever needed, but the couple i know, are not familiar with Albarry.

I have read, that some says that the 408´s are slightly more refined than the more powerful 1008´s. They actually makes my Magnepan MG1,2´s sing very well, but would 1008´s be significant better with this speakers? Maybe more refined with the same mods? Or would You recommend to stay with my "soulmates"...?


Helge, Denmark