AKSA 100W Kitset Amplifier and VAF DC-X's???

Hey all,

I am wondering if anyone has teamed up the AKSA 100W Kitset Amplifier and a pair of VAF DC-X's. I am thinking of purchasing both these units and am a little unsure as to how they will team up. The DCX's are fantastic as I have already auditioned them and the AKSA 100W Kitset Amplifier sounds awsome but I dont know how they will operate together



Greg Erskine

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2002-01-05 11:56 pm
Hi sgamma20002,

Hope you get a response because I'm also interested in teaming VAF's DCXs with the AKSA. I have built the AKSA 55 and am very happy with the results. The AKSA made my ordinary speakers sound good.... well lots better. I have almost sent off an order for the DCXs on a couple of occasions but never quite done it.

A positive response to your post will probably push me past the post.
AKSA 100W with VAF DC-X

Hey Guys,

It has been done; Rick K. here in Melbourne, and Larry in Sydney. You can trace their comments in www.harmonicdiscord.com, another chat site in which my company has a forum under 'Printed Electronics'.

The combination seems to work very well; I too have heard the results and the imaging and resolution is very good. :)



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