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AKSA 100N+ power amp - with decent pics

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I managed to screw up the photographs when I posted this previously, so here it is again:

With some reluctance, the time has come for me to sell my AKSA 100N+. This is Hugh Dean's classic 100 Wpc power amplifier with the Nirvana Plus upgrades.

I built it as a dual mono amp using Plitron transformers. The chassis is a custom design with a front panel machined from 3/8" aluminum and the sheet metal made from 16 AWG 6061-T6 anodized aluminum. The front panel bears an on/off switch and a pair of low-level LEDs, while the rear panel has Neutrik RCA input connectors and multi-way speaker binding posts - all gold plated.

The amplifier's sound quality is superb and the chassis is virtually unmarked. The whole thing is as good as new. I have owned amplifiers by Quad and Linn in the past - in my opinion, this one is better.

The amp is on the west coast of Canada and the price is US$750 or C$1,000. I'm happy to share the shipping cost within most of Canada. We can discuss it case by case for the USA. It will weigh about 24 lbs.


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Thanks for your comments. I'm a retired ME, so I have a good eye for detail even if I don't know much about electronics.

The transformers are 2 x 33V @ 300VA (4.55A) with center-tapped dual secondaries (2 x 115V primaries). Part number 077019201.

Plitron builds to order and, yes, they were expensive! My asking price is only around 60% of the actual total parts cost, and that's not even in today's dollars!


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