Akitika kits

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Loudspeakers with a minimum impedance over 6 Ohms and true sensitivity greater than 86-87 dB (if you listen to very good recordings with high/very high dynamic range, about DR15 or more) is a very interesting option, especially if you live in NA.

This morning, tracks with DR18, DR17 and DR15 Now Playing + What are you listening to?

With modern commercial music, usually with DR < or << 10 dB we need much less watts.

Pro-Audio and Lighting Calculators : dBs, time, Hz, DMX ...

Dan Joffe answered many questions of mine. It is nice to deal with him. About Akitika
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Some pictures optimized by me to see better the details of Akitika GT-102:

Hypex NC1200: Quality of the implementations | Page 11 | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum


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Dan also has updatemydynaco rebuild kits for vintage dynaco systems -- channel boards and power supplies (not including transformers). I have rebuilt two ST-120A power amps and one PAT-5 preamp with his stuff. Great results. In my opinion, sounds better than original.
That Stereophile review compared it favorably with a Pass XA25 and J2! :cheers:

AkitikA GT-102 power amplifier Page 2 | Stereophile.com

Welll that's Stereopille for you!
Decades of Published Drivel.
Have one of these setups as well, Yess it's surprisingly good, no arguements.
Subsequently built a Firstwatt F6 amp .
Good isn't even close to an adequate descriptor.
My ears placed into the cones of My tannoys, as close to the compression horns as possible... ZERO noises. Regardless if powered up, powered off, volume down, volume maxed.
Ever experience that ? I hadn't, in 45 yrs of Audio foolishness.
Also better Bass mids and highs. with a serious soundstage ability...superior in every imaginable way.. And the 3886 amp is actually quite good.
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Many Class A and Class AB amps that I have built are silent with ears pressed to cone. Important to get grounding scheme right. What also helps are good power supplies with low ripple. Non silent at zero input amps drive me crazy. One of my pet peeves. My M2X was not silent until I used an SLB for the PSU and added mu-metal shield over the Edcor. Looks like you had good luck on your F6 with regards to noise.

What is surprising is my latest Class D amp - the TPA3255 is silent with ears pressed to cone as well. No hiss or any hum. Specs state noise is 60 microV. That’s about as low as I have ever seen for any amp.
Has got a nice Stereophile review from Herb.

I wish more of the reviews would compare it to actual comparable equipment. They like to listen to it side by side with Pass Labs or $2,500 Yamaha amps which allows them to dance around a real comparison and instead say how impressive it is that the two can even be compared.

I love Reichert but a review that says "The Ferrari is great but I kind of liked driving the Miata" isn't as useful as a review that says how the Miata stacks up against the GT86.
Lets put it up against some real $500-$1000 competition like the nad c316bee, Marantz PM5005, Denon PMA-600NE and a Yamaha R-N803 and see how it compares. Maybe it will trounce them but we won't know if reviewers keep skipping way past that level to be impressed that it can run at all with $2,500-$5,000 amps.

I have a $5 ebay amp from the 'what the heck it is less than lunch' thread that when connected to Polk T15 speakers at low volume sounds amazing; especially considering the price. But is it better than my M2 Clone? Not a chance. I could still compare the two and talk about how enjoyable the $5 amp is at length but that wouldn't make them actually comparable.

There is no escaping the fun and cool factor that you can build it yourself and the fact that they produce a complete kit that comes with everything you need and detailed instructions is amazing and greatly appreciated but there is also a tendency to find audio equipment that punches outside its class and then raise it to some mythical level.
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Invaderzim, I fully agree with you and I still say, it is a nice review, which it is.

Herb says a lot and if one can read between the lines, one gets some information.

Still, you don't get exact info about your questions.

But to be honest, you never do. You always have to look after your personal interlinish info.

Have a nice Sunday.

Does work well..don't it ?
Now build a DIY Firstwatt (pass forum) It will produce an equally large Wow reaction over the A kit .. true.

Two different harmonic profiles.

* First Watt are usually dominant H2 with H2 about 40, 50, 60 or 70 dB -> euphonic sound.

* Akitika does not has harmonics below 90 dB, very clean. FW F5 too.

Problem: simple recordings with acoustic instruments with H2 about -73 dB no problema. But more complex recordings, like orchestral of electronics a more clean power is needed (Nelson Pass words) -> you need two amps.

Maybe the compromise between the two philosophies is H2 at -84 dB like the Simpelstark. Simpelstark+ ODNF amplifier boards GB


Very beautiful harmonic profile, dominant H2 and... monotonously decreasing.
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