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Akitika GT-101 Power Amplifier premium version

For sale is a Akitika GT-101 Audio Power Amplifier

It is a really great sounding LM3886 power amp due to the very good circuit construction and the rare feature that it has an active power supply (of course it has the 10.000uF capacitor upgrade).

In contrast to the standard kit it is fully assembled with premium parts: all resistors nonmagnetic audio (PRP) or military grade, ceramic capacitors substituted with special nonmagnetic Silver Mica resistors from Richard Jahre Germany, OCC cable and silver plated copper cables with Teflon insulation and copper shield. Just take a look on the pictures.

As input capacitor I used NOS Siemens MKL but I can send you the CD DME Series input caps (that were used in the "normal" version of the kit) with amp.

The optical condition is perfect. At the moment it is wired for 230 Volts mains but can easily be rewired for 115 Volts mains.

With shipping, VAT and customs duty I paid about 400 Euro for importing the kit to Germany. I’m not sure what price I could take now. I think with the special upgraded parts 200 Euro is a fair price.

Shipping within German is 8,50 Euro

Shipping within the EU is 21 Euro

Shipping to the USA is 54 Euro

These are the real costs for shipping with DHL, I do not charge any "extra" shipping costs.

Of course personal collection of the amp in Cologne is also possible

Within the EU I would prefer payment via IBAN/BIC transfer but of course PayPal is also OK. If you pay for friends and family, no extra fees will be added. If you use the normal PayPal method please add 4% to the final price.


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