AKG K140 (??? K141) repair

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I need tutorial how to replace cable on AKG K140. Funny thing, on headphones is written AKG K 140, but the metal housing is from K 141 model.
When I bought then they where mono phones , belive that was imported for delegations at Summit of Non-Aligned Movement in 1989, held in my country. Now I don't know how to open rights side to change cable.
Is there any screw, I'm afraid that I might brake something.
I seen service documentation but didn't know how to find screw, because I don't have mini XLR socket. Just cable going inside.
Decided to risk and alu plate where model number is stamped I removed with scalpel.
Back of the plate is glued, and once you remove plate you can unscrew right phone speaker.
You have the vintage K140/K141s. The original K141 driver was a Sextett driver. The K140s had a lower grade driver, but they are still great headphones with a new Mogami or Star Quad cable. When you have them open (both sides open the same way and I just used a little contact cement to reinstall the covers) remove the dry rotted foam and replace it with a 2-3mm thick medium density felt. Then pull the dry rotted foam from the front of the cups inside the ear pads and replace it with velour to remove the sizzle from the highs. If your earpads are the small K140 style, Senn HD25 pleather pads are great subs with the foam center removed. If you have the big K141 pads, those are still available from AKG.

FWIW, I have a set of modded k140s and K141s, those with a vintage set of similarly modded Kenwood KH-33s are the only full-size dynamic headphones I still own. With the new cable and felt damping mods, they are great headphones.
Thank you, but I manage to open phones.
Aluminium plates are glued. Using knife I took them of.
When they are of you will see screws, and than is straight forward.
I changed foam that was roten inside and cuson.
AKG have primitive pulling sistem made out of rubber, and rubber was broken so I bought rubber sowing string ( 1 meter was 0.2 Euro) while same AKG part is 6-7 Eu.
See pictures , you will be able to see new gray foam, new black rubber loop (thicker than originals it may hold longer).

This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.