AKG 340


2001-02-24 3:38 pm
Hello everyone. I have decided to build a headphone amp(probably Class A,not sureif I want Mosfet or tube)
and after browsing many designs I would appreciate any suggestions for an amp for these headphones. They are 400 ohms. Also if most receivers, soundcards,etc. are for 8 ohms I was wondering if the 400 ohms are actually degrading the sound ? Thank you.
If you haven't already, try http://www.tubecad.com. There are several OTL tube headphone circuits there. Also, a wealth of other discussion on...you guessed it...tubes. Sometimes a bit of solid state, too. I, myself, have no opinion as to whether the circuits sound good or not (I don't own a decent pair of headphones at this time), but they look reasonable, just viewing the schematics.