AKAI PM-R1 Picture


2006-03-07 5:32 pm
Just get a portable cassette plyer AKAI PM-R1. It sound good. When I open it up and try to change its belt, I broke battery wire on the board. I don't know which place on board they are supposed to go.
Is there any one has picture or diagram that lead to connect the 2 wires back to the board.

Thank you


2011-04-27 8:35 pm
AKAI PM-RI parts needed? I have one for sale for $15

Anyone looking for an Akai PM-RI parts or player? I have one from 1981. It is an AKAI PM-R1 Stereo Cassette Player w/ Reverse and Tuner Pack

This is a 1981 portable "Walkman type" vintage player made by AKAI.
AM/FM STEREO TUNER PACK FAM-1, Reverse bidirectional cassette tape player, 2 headphone jacks.
Purchased from American TV in Madison in 1981. 30 years old!
Works and is in great shape. Battery operated with 2 AA's.

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