Aiyima STK433-260 board - PSU questions
Hello. Not so long ago I received this board I bought without being entirely sure whether I'd be able to power it properly or not. I was attracted by it's price, power and neatness of the PCB. I knew that I would need a dual AC power supply (2 AC waveforms with a 180 degree phase shift) and assumed that I'd somehow manage to power it using two of my transformers. Well, it seems that I won't be able to use one of them since the rectified voltage that I would get from it after rectifying and smoothing exceeds 50V, which is way beyond the maximum value the STK chip supports (max. +- 40V min +- 30V). The other transformer, on the other hand, has a secondary providing 28v. The rectified and smoothed DC voltage would be approximately 38.4 V assuming a voltage drop of 0.6V of each diode in the rectifying bridge. (28/0.707 - 2*0.6) The seller/designer recommends +- 37V. I intend to get +- 38.4 V from a single secondary.
Here are my questions:
Has anyone managed to successfully power this kind of Sanyo chips (STK family) using a transformer with a single secondary?
Would it greatly impact it's performance in a negative way?
Would it actually present some danger to the speakers?