Thanks JP, it's always good to learn know more PCB companies such as ASILER which could benefit also customers within EU.

I checked their web page and found a few discrepancies, if this is a German company they generally have an "impressum" somewhere on their web page, from Wikipedia.
An Impressum (from Latin impressum, "the impressed, engraved, pressed in, impression") is the term given to a legally mandated statement of the ownership and authorship of a document, which must be included in books, newspapers, magazines[1] and websites[2] published in Germany and certain other German-speaking countries, such as Austria and Switzerland.

Secondly I see the company is registered as "AISLER B.V.", normally its Dutch or Belgian companies that uses B.V. (= Besloten Vennootschap).

I found this article regarding AISLER PCB's, the costumer had to wait nearly 2 weeks before "manufacturing started" which sounds like a cover up for shipping from perhaps somewhere far away may be a hint the PCB's are not made in Germany.
Boards from Aisler | Details |
The article was published in October 2017 so things may have changed since then.

With regards to quality, a quick glance shows the white legend print, ie. silkscreen, on their boards is not sharp enough, also there seem to be some minor discrepancies with pad/trace size and shape, compare with OSHpark and SeeedStudio, see attached pictures (click in lower left corner to magnify the pictures for better quality):
Purple PCB = OSHpark
Red PCB = SeeedStudio


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...if this is a German company they generally have an "impressum"
the company is registered as "AISLER B.V.", normally its Dutch or Belgian companies that uses B.V.

Imprint - all the legal stuff you need to know about AISLER (Imprint sounds like Impressum but may not be German-legal).

Looks like Dutch company with German factory. However the German address is labeled "Dispatch" and *could* be where boards from China are re-boxed for EU delivery.


Schoolstraat 2
6295AV Lemiers
The Netherlands

Dennewartstr. 25-27
52068 Aachen

I note that GridHound seems to have the same office:
It's certainly not as cheap as China. 9 5*5cm 2 layers boards would cost me 56€ with them, 9€ from JLCPCB (both with shipping). The difference obviously is the time needed to get the boards and potentially the customs presentation fees which can be heavy with some shipping companies once you exceed the 22€ customs exemption limit.

Still, it's certainly cheaper than most European factories have been since Olimex stopped its services.

If I may, please be aware that you are also sharing your ideas and intellectual copyright when you design a circuit and have the PCB made by a Chinese (or in fact any foreign) company. Culturally, these countries have differing attitudes to intellectual copyright and may reproduce and share your PCB or circuit designs with other customers without your consent.

Besides, it also fun making your own PCB :)


I'm just waiting for my first PCB's so far Kicad import and palcing the order is super easy - according to them it is their most favorite fileformat for import. During your order Process you can donate money to kicad.

According to their company structure. Yes HQ is in Netherlands according to them it was easier to start the startup there. Their german branch is near to the boarder of netherlands.
The manufacturing takes place in different EU countries for the EU market.
You can look it up here
PCB Specifications | AISLER

according to some official correspondence in a german forum

Ask me anything, Fertigung bei AISLER -

they dont want to be necessarily on par with china pricewise. They also want to be able to give a good support and fast manufacturing+shipping. But if you can wait and HASL is good for you they have a budget production line as well.
Isn't lead-free HASL on 2 Layers the same price as ENIG, just shorter lead times? And 4 Layers is always ENIG. At least that is how it used to be with Aisler.

Yes, but they have a new? budget option
Blitz (HASL but fast) and HD (ENIG but slow) is the same Price.
Budget (HASL and veryslow) 50% of the Blitz/HD Price <- this

Blitz 2days lead time
HD 5days lead time
Budget 8days lead time

ENIG and slow
7 days lead time

If I recall it correctly
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