Ai website up, info on Geddes designs

Audio Intelligence (Ai) has their website up now. This is the Thai-based company that is building the designs of Dr. Earl Geddes, based on the Summa (which is no longer in production in the US). The site's focus is prosound, but the emphasis on sound quality is worthy of very high end home audio.

What makes the website worth looking at from a DIY perspective is that there's a lot of valuable information having to do with advanced loudspeaker design and advanced subwoofer systems. Dr. Geddes is at the forefront of acoustic waveguide design and system implementation.

I have no affiliation with Ai, which presently has no distribution in the US. I'm a friend of Dr. Geddes, and readily admit that I hope to represent his products when they are once again available in the US.

Anyway, here's the link. Have fun!

Duke LeJeune