• WARNING: Tube/Valve amplifiers use potentially LETHAL HIGH VOLTAGES.
    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

affordable transformers for KT-88's

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namatjira (or should I call you Albert, --Oz joke),
There are a number of Hammond agents here in Oz.
I use Bob Rundle of jaybird enterprises here in Adelaide - his prices are very reasonable, quite a bit less markup than other Hammond agents.
He is also extremely knowledgable about electronics and tube electronics in particular and has built KT88 Amps with Hammond transformer sets.
I suggest give him a buzz on 08-8447 7411
He opens his store Friday and Saturday arvo's but can often be reached by phone at other times.
for output transformers, check out http://www.edcorusa.com . no affiliation, i've just used 3 pairs of their CXPP design and liked them every time.

for KT88's it seems like between 3.5-5K 60-100W should do you all right, depending on the schematic.

the only power transformer Hammond makes that might be OK is their 400-0-400 465mA model. the voltage is a bit too low for those of us that like choke input though. if it were 500-0-500 or 550-0-550 300mA, now we'd be talking. i hear Edcor is very good about custom power transformers though. i bet it's a lot less design work to make a different PT than OPT...

Look here for Oz Hammond distributors:


I don't know how many of these carry stock. I know Evatco do. I never used to like Evatco's markup BUT its under new management so maybe it will be better. Plus I guess you have to pay some premium for the fact that they stock the stuff. Most of the rest I would think just take your order and then send it on through Hammond Australia and let you know when it arrives.

I buy just about everything, Chassis, Transformer, Tubes, Caps etc through Bob at Jaybird these days.


P.S. I came across a pair of NOS RCA Twin plate 2A3 the other day and just had to grab them (paid A$100 for the pair). They test 100% on my AVO so I'm in the same boat - looking for some SET trannies to suit. I've just about convinced myself to get some Magnaquests in from the US. The only thing that puts me off is all that hastle with clearing customs and paying the GST.
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