Affordable professional loudspeakers


I am looking for a design to repalce the loudspeakers in a student association. The association is completely self managed, so the budged will be very limited.

At the moment the installation is:
room of ca. m. 4x10 with a bar on the long side.
main source is a computer with mp3's.
QSC audio USA850 power amplifier.
4 JBL PRO VIII loudspeakers.

I was thinking about a 2 loudspeaker solution, after i accidentaly found this kit on the net:
The problem is that it is portable design, and relatively large.
I am looking for somthink sensibly beter than the current loudspeakers, but cheap enouch to convince the administrators to give me the money.

They don't sound realy great.
They dont sound very clear, lacking detail, and relatively fatiguing.
I have heard much beater result in many cafes in town with different JBLs (wich are quite common here in Amsterdam)
But if you beleive it is net the loudspeakers to blame, i could try to take one home and check de drivers for cleaning, and the crossover components.



2005-03-26 2:31 pm
It might be best to listen to them on another system first. What kind of sound card do you have? When you have MP3 played from a HD, that would more likly be the source of the problem. You could also try hooking a CD player to the system instead and see how it sounds.
I have no idea, but surely it is somethink far from high end.
Of course with mp3's you can't expect anythink near the top, but.
Anyway i should have enough experience with audio systems to reasonably guess which component may causing wich (bad)quality.
Anyway, i will inverstigate futher... My system at home will be the ultimate test. If they don't sound decently here they wont anywere :D