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MikeW said:
Aleph amps have a great midrange and highs, but their strength is not bass. If you want bass build a X100 amp or Krell clone.
Or build both and bi-amp.

Thanks for the advise.

zlast said:
I will second that nomination for a KRELL...if 50 watts is enough, you cannot beat the low end of the KRELL KSA-50. All the information for building one is on the DIYAUDIO wiki page.

50 watts Krell will be perfect, but I can't locate the wiki site through search engine. Would you point me to the said site. Thanks


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2002-02-20 10:28 pm
Toronto, Canada
albertli said:

Thanks for the offer. What is the volts rating and brand with your caps. I need something 63v minimum.
What I need is something 20,000-30,000uf, but I don't really know what different it will make on sound with bigger capacitance. ( between the 20,000uf and 68,000uf ).


I have some extra 68,000 uF caps leftover from my Aleph five project I may sell. Drop me an email.

Merry Christmas,