AER Driver with DIY Cabinet


How do they sound ? Are they worth it ?

I'm currently deciding between aer bd3 and voxativ, would prefer aer though. My biggest concern is the bass, which makes me look to the cube audio drivers, however i'm not sure the midrange is the same.

Dunno about AERs Mine, at great expense, after occasional ten year use, (out of town), both surrounds became powder. One voice coil disintegrated. I only used 1.5 watts SE OTL! Cost to replace cones was also excessive. Bought audionirvana neodiniums, richer more musical result.. at 1/? the price of AER. Play through Oris horns for mid/upper only. You need a separate tranny/D sub. The full rangers struggle down there a bit,. You can then high pass filter them to work only down to 150Hz, easier for the amp too.


2007-03-18 1:44 pm
AER drivers sound amazing

Today I heard AER drivers at the Toronto Audiofest show. Victor had them in a large clear acrylic horn. Really more like an infinite baffle than a horn.

Best sound at the show paired with his Triode kit amp. One of my audio buddies suggested I check out some Wilson Audio speakers. That system was $215k CAD. Junk sound compared to Victor's setup. Sure it would fill a stadium, but sound was compressed and muddled. Victor's room was layers of harmonics delicate and distinct.
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2007-03-18 1:44 pm
Thank you for your encouragement
DIY is my passion...

My pleasure. I call out good stuff when I hear it. But I think it is extra cool when the people selling great stuff are also DIY enthusiasts. Nelson Pass is one of those people. Lukas Fikus has some of those qualities.

I think it is cool that you have found a sweet spot in Japanese single ended design, and have brought that to the market in an affordable way.

When we met, you casually mentioned that simplicity of design is essential to great sound. That is my mantra. I run OTL triode mono's into full range OB drivers with no crossover on the main driver. So no accident that I appreciated the sound you were producing. If I build a second system for my living room, I am coming straight to your site for your 300B amp.
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Why don't all speaker manufacturers design for flat on-axis and smooth off-axis? | Page 23 | Audio Science Review (ASR) Forum

I also got an audition of one of the crazier speakers at the show: the AER speakers. These use what look to be some Lowther-type driver, augmented by huge (plastic?) "lenses" surrounding them, focusing the sound towards the listener. Very crazy looking. No bass to speak of. But holy cow, when I got in to a close seat in the center for an acoustic guitar piece, it was perhaps the most vividly "real" sounding presentation I've ever heard of an acoustic guitar. It wasn't just the clarity, but the sense of the guitar right in front of me moving air, like a real guitar, with every pluck. Fascinating!
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In the pic you posted on 6/13/20 it appears your AER driver is mounted in an infinite-baffle design. Do you have more info on which AER driver is shown and the infinite-baffle cabinet design?


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