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AE-3, PH-1, SE-811 (Cary)

For sale due to many DIY projects.

By Audio Electronics Supply: A subsidiary from Cary.

All are build by myself and are guaranteed to
work without flaws. They are in good condition
for the ages.

AE-3: Tube pre-amp. Tubes work but are old. Needs
new ones soon. $300. Build in 1999

PH-1: Phono pre-amp. Not used a lot. Tubes should
have many hours left. Build in 2001. Nice
cosmetic conditions. $300.

SE-811: Single ended triode. 12W output. New
tubes: 6sn7 and KT88. The 572 probably have 1-2 years
left. $800.

I do not have orignal boxes but will pack them in double
boxes. Buyer to pay shipping from New York. Prefer US

Or make an offer.

Harry Andree

e-mail: [email protected]