Advise Wanted

Advice Wanted

I'm new to digital audio interfacing and could use some direction.

First, I have a turntable that will be set up about 20' away from my pre-amp and need to know about a good adc I can use for a quality sound.
It's packed away right now but IIRC it has a MM cartridge on it.

Second, My pre-amp only has analog inputs so I need some direction on a dac that has more than one input so I can feed my computer into it also.

Third, I am putting together a computer run jukebox and need some advice on the sound card to feed into the pre-amp dac.
I will be mainly using wav files made from my cd's.

Some details:
Turntable - Nottingham Analogue Hyperspace
Pre-amp - Nakamichi CA-7A

Thanks for looking and any help you may have.
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