Advice on Powering/Recharging a Mobile Stereo

Hello all,

I am new to the forum, just dropping in for an extremely simple question. I am building a mobile stereo system which has a 24V amp in it, and 12V power mixer. The whole thing is powered off of two 12V batteries (Sealed Lead Acid 10 Ah) in series when it is mobile, that part is easy enough. Here is the DC diagram I am basing this off of : ( ... p5/Mixers/). I need it to switch to AC power (via a switch), and start charging the batteries as well. This is so that I can charge it easily, use it while it is charging, and use it in doors without relying on battery.

The power mixer, amp, and charger all have their own transformers, which are in parallel to the "plug."

The power mixer is in there to boost the signal from an MP3 player to line level, for the amp.

I drew a preliminary diagram below. Its a mess, but is it right in principle? I am going to put some 10A fuses in to protect the amp and mixer. Also, what kind of switch should I use to get the 5 in the diagram all into one switch?

Thanks a lot! :)

By the way, here are the parts I am using:

AMP and Transform combo : 2 X 100W Class D Audio Amplifier Combo Kit w 24V 350W Power Supply TK2050_Audio_Sure Electronics' Webstore

Power Mixer: Rolls Corporation - Real Sound - Products MX51s 1 Mini-Mix 2
(I will just use the plug it comes with as as its transformer)

Charger : Ansmann ALCT 6 24/2 lead acid charger

Any tips welcome! I come from a physics background by the way, so while the jargon all makes sense, actually using it is beyond my education...