Advice on converting CDP to SLA power

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I have a Rega Planet CD Player and would like to investigate converting it to run on battery power and/or regulated DC power (6, 12 or 24 volt).
I am inquiring with Rega to get an electrical schematic / wiring diagram, but would like to see if any of the DIY'ers have tried something like this and could share some of their experiences, mistakes, etc?

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Without owning the Rega, I'd say its extremely likely it already runs on regulated dc.

First off, I haven't done this - but I have replaced stock regulators with 'super regulators' in a soundcard, so this is all opinion: if Rega doesn't give you the schematic, it isn't particularly hard to trace the power supply connections, and measure what voltages they are using. Digital supply is almost always +5V, analog around +/-15V. If you don't feel up to this part of things, I would recommend going very slowly - if you're not sure what your doing, and have no one with experience to guide you, you might encounter a lot of trouble, and are likely to break the player.

Otherwise, replacing a PSU with batteries is relatively easy. The hardest part is figuring out how to deal with dropping battery levels. The other major consideration is whether batteries will bring any sonic improvements. Some people report batteries having less powerful dynamics (possibly from lower power available), and if done poorly, they can have just as high noise.

Upgrading power supplies is a common modification: just look around the forum, particularly in the digital section, and you'll find lots of people's experiences. It has the potential to be a big improvement.
Thanks for the response. I'll definitely find out as much as I can about the options and specifics before I decide to dive in.

I'm presently using an SLA-powered amplifier (tripath chip) with high-efficiency single driver speakers, and am extremely pleased with the results. My other source is a modified iPod (the Red Wine iMod), which is battery-run as well. It is pretty cool when we lose power because the music just keeps on playin'.


Anyway, once we truly move off the grid, I am going to minimize the complexity of our home power system, and would like to have a small "charging" system for the audio equipment (solar panel or small wind turbine and voltage regulator/charging circuit).

As far as the capability of SLA batteries to handle dynamics, I think proper sizing is the key there. For example, the SLA amplifier has a pretty hefty battery for its meager 6 watts of output, and the amp I have just arranged to purchase (the Red Wine Signature 30) has two stout 12V batteries driving its 30 watts of output.

I'll research the hell out of the CDP conversion, and report back here as I learn.

Thanks again,
The rega's dac uses +5v (regualted), the transport mech +7v (regulated) and the output stage about +/-10v regulated.

The output stage has it's own analogue stage regs onboard the chip, you cannot bypass them. I've posted a few Rega mods here:

- and strongly recommend you read the datasheets first.

It is possible to get a little more out of the Rega, but as it stands agiant killer it can never be. It's very carefully voiced around the cconstituent parts as it is, and while you can get a different emphasis it's very difficult to actually extract more resolution and retain the easy-listening quality it has. The major limiting factor is that output stage all on one chip.

Rather than copnvert to SLA operation I'd suggest you investigate building your own alternative output stage first - much larger ROI, and lots of space inside that case...

(Edit: re-reading your question, if your proposed mod is just to take your Rega 'off grid', it will be very easy to use two SLAs to provide +/13.8v into the existing supplies :) )
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