Advice Needed Please - Sub for Cornscalas


2012-10-17 1:23 pm
Hi All,

I just completed building a pair of Bob Crites "Cornscalas" which I like very much. I would like to build a sub to match. Since they go very low I'm looking for something that shines in the bottom end ( as low as possible up to maybe 60 hz ). Budget up to $500 or so. Any suggestions? Thanks.
Why don't you ask the guys who have done this over at the Klipsch forum? There is a vast knowledge base there and the people are great.
Did you go two way or three way? The Cornwall is tuned to around 40 Hz and I understand that it is already about 5 db down at 39 Hz but it can pound hard above that. I wonder what sealing the cabinet off and hard damping with high density fiberglass would do. I achieved stunning results with a pair of H3 doing this. Remember that a sealed box rolls of at half the rate of a vented enclosure. Just a thought. Best regards Moray James
I have a pair for my front mains a wonderful speaker.I had the same problem trying to decide which sub to go with.I built a pair of decware WO 32 and have my cornscala's setting on top of them.They match very well and being horn loaded have very tight bass.I have them crossed at 80hz and music and movies are great.If you decide to go this way drop me a pm and I will help you on the build and placement.I played with the wo32 alot till I got it right but was well worth it.