Advice needed for Mercedes 560 SEC audio upgrade

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I am seeking the advice of the experts here.

I am looking to upgrade the audio system on my 1991 560 SEC that was just restored.

The original system had 2 speakers in the dash and 2 in the rear with a Becker GrandPrix tape radio.

I love good sound and would like to keep as simple as possible by avoiding an amp and a sub to keep the car as original as possible.

I have read many threads and came to the conclusion that I will upgrade the speakers as follows:
- Morel Maximo Ultra Coax 402 front
- Morel Maximo Ultra Coax 602 back

These were chosen for their fame and nice and warm sound.

Now the headunit.
I do not want to have a spaceship headunit and would like a good sounding one with a discrete fascia.
My browsing led me to two of them:
- Pioneer DEH-P80RS: I have Pionner HU before and know how good they are, this one seem to be very nice. The only caveat is that it seems a bit outdated in terms of features
- Sony DSX-G80: I have heard good and bad things re Sony, however this one seem to have a lot of nice modern features with classic and sober looks. Also it has built in class D amp with 4x100w.

I am hesitating between the two HU above...
The other option is to refurbish the Becker 0830 I have and add Bluetooth connectivity.

Your help and advice are appreciated !

Ok, just had to check.

I got rid of mine a few years ago but inherited a W124 coupe from my dad, which had a very similar dash set up.

Be very careful of speaker depth for those locations as hardly any will fit. I seem to remember that MB Quart used to do a drop in and Pioneer I think but I had the MB Quarts and they were fantastic. Finding a used pair is a possibility but unlikely, but do set up an ebay search term just in case.

In terms of head unit any modern unit will feel out of place, I've just bought one of these Blaupunkt (there isn't a more appropriate brand for a merc IMHO) radios that look period correct ( and match the illumination) but have all the modern bells and whistles.


Or if you fancy a bit of DIY bluetooth can be added to most vintage radios thusly:


I would also urge you to amp up the system, a modern class D multichannel amp is the size of a couple of packs of cigarettes and would be a huge improvement over the amp in the radio.
I agree for MB Quart fantastic sound, but generation with paper cone.
These speakers wants a great HU and amps for a complete performance, but are ok withouth amp too.

I don't know the units Sony and Pioneer, these are new generation HU, for a 1991 old car maybe i'd choice a unit form the old millennium.
But if you want add Bluetooth connectivity, the units that you thought, are the probably solution.
Morel are good speakers too, i think, but you must to see what sensibility for your system.
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