Advice needed for first timers

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My cousin and I decided to start our own very first diy project. He is a very talented and avid acoustic guitar player, recently graduated from computer engineering and school of music and started his cognitive studies masters degree. Poor me is an old-fashioned civil engineer with very limited electronics knowledge.

Our criteria(s) are:

a) We both want to build something that has great bass response and extension.

b) His priority is around accuracy (especially the timbre) and mine is around soundstage.

c) Personally I don't like clinical sound (I generally listen to music via headphones and just to give an example I prefer sennheiser hd650 or even beyer dt880 to sony sa5000 or ety er4p)

d) We might get professional help (especially on the cabinet builds) but prefer something that is relatively easy to build.

e) Since we are in Turkey it is kind of limited to find good quality mid-fi or hi-fi diy parts, but I have close friends and relatives in US, England and Germany. If you can recommend an all-in-one shop, it would be great (I lived in US for 7 years and more familiar with US shops, but open to Europe and far east, too).

f) My source will be either a PC or Onix XCD-88 cd player or Rotel RCC-945 cd player, dac will be stello da100, amp will be either a Rotel RB980BX solid state or Rotel RX-950AX receiver or Denon 2807 receiver or Onix SP3 tube amplifier (with various tubes). We need to buy him some stuff or I will share with what I have currently.

Now, the hard part - please recommend us something that will satisfy our hunger to build something while fits the above criterias. Are there some designs that will make both of us happy so that we can build 2-pairs!

THANKS in advance,
Allo Turkey!
Onur, you can go safely - my sin - with designs from Pi Speakers, if you like them. Now, they are (Wayne P.) in the US, what might be good for you. He is a very down to Earth guy:D, with a nice Website and Forum. You can buy his designs with JBL's from Europe. You can also buy (kits or the finished product) and chose the woods types and the manufacturers of the drivers like Eminence or JBL. Try and get a hand on his products for your impressions. You can get a product that stays with you for life, and have later upgrades if you so feel like it.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.