Advice for recaps for Denon POA 6600 monoblocks

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I recently possess a pair of monoblocks Denon POA 6600. They are now 30 year old and everything still works. I have opened the units and I am pretty sure they are original (no parts are replaced yet).

Because of the age can you please advice what can be done to get a much better audio:
- replacing capacitors ? ( i have done some reading but is this really a good investment or just a waste ?)

- there are capacitors for the audio part and capacitors for the power part. Do the power part also need to be replaced ?

- And if it is recommended to replace the power capacitors: On the original power capacitor I read 10.000uF/93V. On the Denon POA 6600 schematic I read the outpot power supply is 80V. I see there are a lot of 10000uF available for 80V and 100V. But I hardly can find one with 93V. So can I safely use 80V or 100V ?

Please advice.
There is nothing you can do to get "much better audio".

These were Denon's top of the line products. It was their best effort. Why do you think that can be improved?

You can replace the capacitors but it won't be an upgrade, it will be maintenance. Performance will stay the same.

If you want to put in new smoothing capacitors, get 10 mF / 100 V parts.

If you're not happy with the sound, look at the speakers. They're probably junk. The amp's not at fault here - you can't do better.


I have a Denon POA-2800 of similar vintage which I purchased new.

The speaker output connections always bothered me, and when I opened the unit I saw they were attached to the circuit board with some sort of stamped metal piece.

I reworked the back pane to mount some good quality banana connectors and ran copper wire to the circuit board. I downloaded the service manual, and followed the manufacturers procedure for setting bias.

This did improve the sound quality.

Not to improve the original but to come close like a new one 30 years ago ..

Let me rephrase my intention:
- I think like most of the components, capacitors degrade over time. The monoblocks I have are 30 years old now. And I don't know how much degradation already took place (I possess the monoblocks for 6 months now) and if it is worthwhile to replace the capacitors. For me personal, I am still happy with a 15% degradation.
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A lot depends on the usage the amp has seen. If its been powered up for many thousands of hours in hot or poorly ventilated conditions then the electrolytics may be deteriorating.

If its seen normal use in good conditions then perhaps you should look at only the caps that are close to hot running components.

Resistors, semiconductors and other cap types will not have deteriorated at all.
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