Advice for my first project

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First thing I'll say is thank you for your attention and time to even look at this post. What I'll do in return is to take all advice offered into serious consideration.

Here's what I have going on...

I'm about to close on my first house. I have the opportunity to start my home audio experience the right way...the DIY way.

I am an avid car audio fan. I have been since 1992. Having a long history with the rough world of mobile audio has given me the chance to learn about sound shaping the hard way.

The situation I start with is the chance to make my own pair of towers. I want to make a three-way set of speakers. I'll be using a pair of 25mm ring radiator tweeters, a pair of 4.6" mid range speakers that I want to be the backbone of the towers (I have more than 7 octaves of ability from these mids). I'll also be using either a 7.1" or an 8.5" mid bass driver for the lower end on the towers.

What I'd like to do is to use a Burl veneer or a very nice looking solid wood to make a visual impact on the cabinets. I will defer to the asdvice as to the specifics of construction material an techniques of course.

I have the experience to make my own passive crossovers but I'm leaning toward using a pro audio solution for EQing and the crossovers. I'm partial to the control of active crossovers in my car audio experience.

I'm on the fence as to what I want to do with my tv since I'll be buying a new one when I get into the new house. I want to be able to plug my tv into a receiver and use the towers for sound but I predominantly want a higher quality cd source and amplifier setup so I can reference music off my proposed three way towers.

I have a woodshop at my disposal withsome friends who can offer many years a fabrication experience on top of my own experience. Nothing should be out of reach of our abilities. I do however want to keep this project "simple" and mr. Murphy proof if you get my drift.

What advice might you be able to offer in my situation? Again, thank you for even looking at this and taking the time to help.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.