Advice Building First PA System (subs)

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Advice Building First PA System EDIT: New Direction

Hey Guys,

Apologies in advance for starting a thread I'm sure is covered elsewhere..

My friend and I have embarked on the journey of building our first system to be used for mostly small outdoor parties playing almost solely bass orientated music. (Think side stage at a doof for reference)

The top end is sorted as far as I'm concerned with 2x JBL JRX125 running from a crown 4002 amp which we acquired via low-ball bid on eBay, this bundle also included 2x JBL 118sp subs which I want to move on in favour of building or buying better subs to be ran from an nu6000dsp.

EDIT: Above in italics was the original plan but we have since been given the option to reverse our purchase on the JBL gear and get our money back which I think we will do after some researching I have done.

So we are now looking for advice or even a good reference thread/post on where to start with building a rig from scratch.
Sorry if this is too vague of a post but I'm more than happy to answer any questions that would help this along as you can tell this is our first step into the 'pro-audio' world.
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Thank whoever blew them up for giving us a good excuse to upgrade them.

Looking for advice on subs here as we acquired everything in the package deal and are happy with using the JRX125 for tops/mids for now but would prefer to move the 118sp's in favour of passive equipment as noted.
We didn't expect to win the auction for the package so instead of buying amps and designing speakers around them we are going to build off of what we now have.
After doing some reading I think I will be looking into getting a set of Othorns made up as a long term goal and for now while there are no plans to use the system outside I'm going to build some sealed enclosures for a pair of Soundstream T-12s I have lying around the house.

Have collected a mass of bits and bobs over the last few months and now back to being unable to decide what subs to build (read: have built for me :p) as I have a party planned for NYE I need to make some decisions and stick with them.

What I plan to use currently;
Tops: 2x Yamaha SM12v (temporary) run off a Behringer A500
Mids: 2x Custom J-Bins loaded with KAPPA Pro 15a run off a QSC MX1500a
Subs: ?? run off an iNuke 3000
Processing: Turbosound LMS-D24

As the main genres it'll be used for are dubstep, dnb and psy trance I want something that'll happily go down into the low 30hz range, I have requested a quote for some T60 flat packs but not heard anything back yet and happy to take suggestions?

Would also like to hear any suggestions towards tops, the only permanent fixture so far of this build are the J-Bins.
Another change of plans after some further research and I think I'll be doing away with the idea of building horn loaded subs at home as I don't have the time, skill or room to do so.

I have 2x double 15 front radiating boxes currently loaded with 15" JBL K-140, would it be worth swapping these out for some better suited drivers, or using the 15" scoops (incorrectly stated as j-bins in earlier post) loaded with Kappa pro 15lf-2 as lows?
Will be taking the 15as out of the scoops and putting them into a pair of old Mitchell PA cabs I picked up on the weekend on the cheap that I plan to modify a little to suit my needs better and using a pair of Altec horns as tops.
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