Advice and guidance on build.

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I have been so lucky that the misses have given me the Green light on speakers for our livingroom.

But i need to obey some requirements.
1) oak tree finish.
2) not to big.
3) stylish and different from what everybody else has.

Sooo i am thinking something like these:
Back Loaded Horn Design | Parts Express Project Gallery

Oak Will indeed look sexy behind some thick polycarbonate, and not something you see everyday!

I am no hornresp guru and for sure no speaker designer. But my woodworking skills and workshop are more than good enough for the task.

Budget isnt that tight. I am thinking 500-600$ on drivers.
Driver size is not locked on 4".
Bigger is also possible.

So what i am looking for is a tested and proven design, ready to build with plans and so on.
And i am okay with paying for it. Doesnt need to be freebie :)

Any good suggestions out there? :)

Cheers - Frank
Backloaded horns will never be small i'm affraid. And that driver in the kit you mention is known to be ringing so i would not build that. There are way better designs than that one.

This is a better example, that is build and tested by many in Germany. And that site has many designs, all tested and build before (often from german diy magazines):


But if it has to be small, a ported or sealed box will do the job better for a smaller size than a hornloaded speaker.

Other sources of id's for prebuild and tested speakers:

Frugal-phile DIY Audio Community Site
Smooth internal shapes with complex curves do not necessarily make for a good sounding BLH, and as Waxx points out, compact size will severely limit the low frequency performance.
Take a look at the FrugelHorns - now enumerating four sizes with the recent Jane for Alpair 12P. I built and lived with 3 of these designs with multiple makes and models of drivers during the evolution / expansion of the family, and highly recommend them. As is no secret, my most favoured FR drivers are those designed by Mark Fenlon, and for a first time full range build, I’d suggest any of the 10cm size.
Thank you for your reply.
They dont have to be small. But about 90cm or so. I think ;D

The design i have linked to, is only to show what i am looking for. I am after that type of design with smooth internal shapes.

Driver choice is undecided at this moment.

Smooth internal shaps are rare in speakerland, and not important but for the asthetic side of it. You could make a backloaded horn like the one l linked with a bended thin woodplate for a smoot ending of the horn like they do a lot with scoop horn used as subwoofer on reggae and dub soundsystems


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i would go for the frugal horn, definitely. i made a pair for my wife, and she is quite happy with them - soundwise and looks-wise :)
The Frugel-Horn
or the fonkens i built in this thread: these are MarkAudio Alpair 6.2 speakers and there is another one with two drivers that i plan to build next year. but: not an easy build woodworkingwise :)
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